Mack's DP Debacle

Mailing this DP was a disaster.

My mother's employer generously offered to ship a large box to my three sponsored children in Mexico at their own expense. They are contracted with FedEx, while I always use USPS to Mexico.

First, FedEx returned the box to us because they didn't like how the Kids' ID numbers were written on the outside of the package. After we placed the box inside a larger, unmarked box, FedEx was willing to ship it for us.

Next, the box was scrutinized by customs in Mexico. I had cut off or scribbled out anything that said "Made in China", so I figured the contents would pass inspection. Nope. 

Customs placed restrictions on the following items:

Wrapped candies (there was a lot!)
Cotton candy tubs (3)
Box of candy canes (1) 
Set of Disney Princess dolls in box (1)
Barbie-like dolls with no box (2)
Deodorant stick (1)

With the exception of the deodorant, these are all items that have successfully shipped to Mexico on many an occasion. I think customs "looked inside" the box this time, when normally they would not bother. There are two reasons this may have happened:

1) The box was sent by a large US company, rather than a private individual.

2) USPS has a designation code for charitable gifts. I don't know if FedEx has this, and if they do, my mom's company probably did not know how to ship the box as a charitable gift.

End result, customs contacted CI to tell them that the items would not be allowed into the country and to ask what should be done. CI contacted me, and I gave them permission to tell customs to destroy the items instead of mailing everything back to the United States. However, customs went ahead and mailed it all back to me (at the expense of my mother's company, I imagine, but nobody has complained). I'm glad to get the Disney dolls back, because I can take them to Mexico with me the next time I visit.

My advice: Don't use FedEx to Mexico!

I am using a Macbook now, instead of a Windows OS, and I don't have a way yet to edit photos. That's why I left the name/ID number at the bottom of the pictures. 


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