Birthday Gifts 2011

It's hard to predict what will happen when you send a D.P. to your sponsored child. This birthday box from Bernie and Barbara was mailed well before the easter package, yet it got to Paola a month later.

Happy 6th birthday, Paola!!!

The contents of Paola's St Valentine's Day and Birthday gifts from Barbara and Bernie:

1 No 6 candle for birthday

1 Pink and white checked sun dress

1 Pink and white top eith appliqued sun and butterfly

1 Lavendar long sleeved top with red hearts, stars and sequins

1 blue pullover with white blouse insert

1 pair of long jean shorts with ties

1 pair of red short and white top with hearts

1 large gold coloured locket

1 Guatemalan leather head band with hearts

1 tiny red Mexican bear for Maria

1 stuffed white dog with red bow

1 Magic Pony colouring book

1 Disney ABC book

1 Disney Princess loot bag with accessories

paper tiara, plastic locket, party invitation

1 gold purse

several hair accessories

2 pencils and 1 green highlighter

Indian bead necklace with fish.

16 crayons

1 green crayon sharpener

1 Fairy note book

1 light up spinning wand

1 pair of pink star socks

1 bar of soap

1 small Colgate toothpaste.

1 St. Val's card and 1 birthday card plus 1 postcard and 12 photos.

Easter Gifts 2011

Once again we have Barbara to thank for ensuring that we always have fresh photos of Paola and her sisters!

Here is the letter that Barbara received, along with a list of the package contents:

"Dear Barbara Rogers

The girl Paola is very happy to receive the gifts you sent her, she thanks you very much for your attentions to her. Paola is very happy to see the gifts: she loved the dress and rabbit ears both of which she wore right away. She liked the blanket as well as all the accessories. Paola thanks you and all your family. She sends you a kiss and an hug."

att. Mayra Gonzalez"

And in the additional comments Mayra wrote. "Paola looked so happy for all the gifts she received from her sponsor."

I made a couple of smaller corrections so that it was clearer than before.

And this is a list of the items.

1 Dora throw

1 pink/white rabbit drawstring bag covering an Easter basket for Paola & Tomasa.


1 large stuffed chick

Dora sun-glasses

2 plastic eggs with candy eggs

1 pair pink-navy princess socks

2 Easter colouring books with 4 crayons

1 page of Easter stickers

1 white puffy bunny mask

1 pink (silver lined) rabbit ears headband

1 small Easter basket for Maria

1 bendy rabbit

1 Disney soft ball

1 plastic egg and candies

1 pair navy socks

1 grey tank top

1 brown stuffed rabbit

1 blue flower headband

1 Dora toothbrush


for Paola

1 white school blouse

1 pair of striped briefs

1 book in Spanish 'Los placeres de la terniera'


an Easter card and 12 photos.

Plus, of course, the checked easter dress that Paola is wearing!