Here are the photos of Paola and her family with the grocery items that were obtained with the money left over after the bunk bed purchase.

I'm glad to see that the girls got a few sweet treats along with all of the healthy stuff! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of junk food in moderation.

Paola's Bedroom Makeover!!!!

Thanks to the generosity of this group, Paola and her sisters have their new bunk beds!!!!

I like the pretty purple sheets - a nice choice for brightening up a dark room.

In the second picture, we can see that the new beds have been placed next to the old one. I wonder if this is temporary, or if they intend to keep the old one around for Rosa (and probably Maria) to continue to sleep on. The letter states that Paola will "share the bed with her sister, Tomasa", which implies that each girl will have a bunk. I see this arrangement as being unlikely, as it's not customary for all members of a family to sleep in their own beds (I doubt Paola would want to sleep alone!). I think it's more likely that Paola and Tomasa will sleep in one bunk, while Rosa and Maria take the other. They might be planning to remove the older bed to create more space in the room, or keep it around either as a back-up or as a table (in the next set of photos, the groceries and other purchases have been piled up for display on the old bed).