Jennifer's Senior Project!

Hola, fellow group members! I'd like to introduce you to Jennifer Swisher, the daughter of my mom's work colleague. Jennifer is a high school student and animal lover. She belongs to a dance team that travels all over the country for competitions. Jennifer also enjoys working with children, and is loving her summer job as a day camp counselor.

I've recruited Jennifer to Paola's sponsor group for a very special reason. Look below the photos for her self-introduction ...

"Hello! My name is Jennifer Swisher and I will be a senior at Eastlake High School this upcoming year. To graduate from high school, it is required to complete a senior project. A senior project has to teach you something new and must take up 60+ hours of your time. I had a general idea that I wanted to help someone or do community service of some kind for my project.

I was approached with the idea of fundraising for the Children International program. I was told the story about Paola in Mexico, and the terrible poverty of her living situation, and I instantly became interested!

I plan to collect money and have various fundraisers to help Paola. A memo has been sent to the Children International office in Jalisco, Mexico, to inquire about the family's greatest needs. Paola will be starting school as soon as she obtains a copy of her birth certificate, so I am hoping to create a study/kitchen area for her family, because they currently live with four people in just one small room. I will update this fundraising page when I learn the total cost of a table, chairs, bookcase, refrigerator, and whatever else Paola's family needs the most.

Next winter, I plan to go down to Paola’s home in Guadalajara, Mexico to see the items purchased through this fundraiser and to bring her family clothes, toys, and food. I will also take Paola to the zoo, and have a fun day with her!"

Although we haven't received specific SNG information from CI yet, Jennifer has created a preliminary fundraising page on First Giving:

Meet Our Newest Member - Mani!

Hello everyone,

My name is Mani. I was born and brought up in India. Currently I am in US (seattle) for some work assignment. I work in the IT industry. All my family live in India. I believe I will go back soon in a coupla years too :). I love solving sudoku puzzles and watching cartoons/wrestling/soccer.

This is my first group sponsorship and needless to say, I am excited. I have been a sponsor only for 4 months. Paola will be my 7th kid. I am so happy to have found CI. It came to me during a very difficult time and I am so happy that it gave me the much needed inner peace. All the kids I see on and liftone melt my heart easily... :)

My other sponsor kids are

1. Suman

2. Yulissa

3. Sunandita (Out of the program as she shifted to another area)

4. Kulsum (Actually, she is sponsored for my friend)

5. Nicole

6. Joan (Supposed to be a co-sponsorship, I am still figuring out how that works )

7. And now Paola

As I have already told Mack, I read all the posts here and I am so happy to see your journey and the transformation you have brought into their lives. Reading thru all the posts were like living thru it.

When I am doing nothing at all, I also blog - This blog is exclusively for children I sponsor - This is for everything else :D