Books for Paola

I made Paola two photobooks which I sent in her birthday package. The one pictured below was created at

I also made a Spanish book for Paola (and my other 6-year-old, Nicty) titled: "Cuando Tu Madrina Tenia Seis Anos de Edad" ("When Your Sponsor Was Six Years Old")(actually, because I don't have the right accent marks here, I think it really says "When Your Sponsor Had Six Anuses"?)

The book show photos of me when I was 6 (or thereabouts) and tells about my life as a little kid, while asking questions about my sponsored child's life. For example, one page says:

When your sponsor was six years old, she had pet cats. What types of pets do you have?

This book was created at, and it can be viewed via this link:

Christmas Package 2010

Here are the photos and letter from the Christmas package sent to Paola by Barbara and Bernie: