Paola gets a "computer"

Here is the package that I sent via Steve. The girls really look excited & grateful for their life change... It must be really incredible to be in their shoes and see so much changing for the better! Next year, it will be school for both of them! In the meantime, I sent them the learning laptop that I had, also, sent to Brayan. It has eductaional games on it, so hopefully they can do some learning at home before they get a chance to start school!

This is what the field said:

List of items received:

2 Princess Coloring Posters

4 T-shirts

1 Magnetic toy

1 Bag of lollipops

1 Little Lunch Pail

1 Stuffed Lamb

1 Bag of Jax

1 Chalkboard and chalk

1 Watercolor Paint Set

1 Compu Kids Computer with lots of batteries

Comments: Paola and Tomasa received the toys from the sponsors. They were so happy for the computer they received.

Dear Sponsors,

Tomasa was very glad for the gift that you sent. She liked the stuffed lamb a lot. Rosa, the mother, thanks you for thinking of her. She, also, likes the little Tinkerbell lunch pail.

Thank you on thier behalf.

Marcela (field officer)

Dear Sponsors,

The mother of Paola is very happy for the gift that you sent for the girls Paola and Tomasa. They liked the t-shirts a lot, and Paola liked the computer the most. On behalf of their mom and Paola we thank you for thinking of them.

Marcela (field officer)

Extra Package Photos

Each post entry is only allowed 5 photos, so here are the "extras":

Barbara's Halloween Gifts for Paola

Here are the photos from the Halloween package delivered by Steve:

The package contained.

- a green fairy dress for Halloween from Alice to Tomasa
- a blow up Pumpkin
- 3 Halloween loot bags
- 2 Halloween plates
- An Halloween colouring book.
- a few candies each.

Paola's Christmas Gifts From Barbara

These are the Christmas photos - I mailed the package via surface but obviously it was sent air mail and arrived too early, but better early than late I suppose. In fact, since Paola is wearing the same clothes and has the same hairstyle, they were given to her on the same day as the warm clothing which was sent in August!!

The package contained the following:-

1 Singing, blushing Snowman
3 Large velvet red and white Christmas stockings each of which contained
a small disney ball
a tiny stuffed animal in Santa hat
a sweater for their Teddy bears
a light up Santa head band
1 small red reindeer horns head band
a blue foam reindeer horns head piece
a Xmas colouring book

For Paola - a pale turquoise top.
a small green stand up toothbrush and toothpaste set
a Winnie the Pooh sticker album and two pages of stickers

For Maria
a pair of red pyjamas
a white top with pink birds and hearts.
a set of top/pants and hat with padded coat hanger
a pair of shorts.

The comments from the local field officer were.

"Paola was glad to receive the package from the sponsor."

The letter read.

"Dear Barbara Rogers

I want to tell you about Paola Mendez. She was very amazed of all the gifts that you sent and is very happy that you are so good to her and her family. She liked all the gifts she received. Paola likes a lot the pictures of you with your loved one. Paola also wants you to have a Merry Christmas and May God keep blessing you a lot. Paola loves you a lot."

More Gifts From Barbara

Here are some photos taken after Paola received a package from Barbara back in August:

These photos are of a 'warm' clothing DP that I sent in August. One picture shows Paola actually smiling, but in the others I think she is sucking on some candies I included. The contents were as follows:

2 sweat suits, 3 T-shirts, one pyjama set, 3 fleecy hoodies, 3 small bags of candies, 1 hanger, Dora colouring book and crayons, 1 pencil. The comments in the follow up letter from the CI local centre were:

Paola looked very happy and thankful for the gifts she received from Ms. Rogers.

The letter written for the family by a CI field officer read.

"Dear Barbara Rogers
Paola Mendez Aranda is very happy for the special package she got. She thanks you very much for the crayons, the pair of pants, the t-shirts, and all the other nice things you sent her. She really wants to start colouring the Dora the explorer book. Paola still does not go to school, but next year she will start kindergarten. Paola loves you very much and she thanks you for all the things you do for her. She'd like to meet you someday. Paola hopes you're doing fine. She sends you kisses and hugs."

A letter like that makes it all worth while.