Photos are coming ...

I can't wait to see the pictures that go with this letter written after Paola received her "1st Anniversary" package from Barbara. The girls are looking so much prettier in their photos! I imagine that the nice clothes they've been wearing are things that Barbara has sent over the past year.

Dear Barbara Rogers
Paola thanks you very much for all the attentions and love that you have given to her during this year that has changed her life. She really liked the gifts that you sent, the dress fit very well like you can see in the pictures. When Paola saw the pony she was very excited. Rosa and the other two girls also say Hi and they all hope that you are doing well. They wish that God blesses you a lot and that you are doing well of health.
N.E. (field officer)
The Additional Comments were:
"Paola was very excited for the gifts from the sponsor."