Letter from Paola for her Easter Package

There wasn't enough room in the last post to put the letter that was sent to Barbara for the Easter package. I posted it above.

Easter Package

Barbara has asked me to post the pictures and the letter which were received from Paola for her Easter package.

Included in the package was

1 Dress
1 Skirt
2 pair underwear
1 Short Outfit
1 pair Jeans
1 Swim Suit
1 towel
1 notebook
1 activity book
1 sticker book
1 soap and container
1 Flag of Canada
4 pencils
1 Dora the Explorer toothpaste, hairbrush, and toothbrush
1 nail brush (not sure what this is)
1 wash cloth
4 combs
2 sets Hair Pins
1 Q-Tips
1 plastic bag
Pictures for Paola and Tomasa

According to the Field Officer - Paola, Tomasa and their mother loved all of the things that were sent

Paola's school packages - a preview

Barbara, Bernie, and Mack have each sent Paola a package to celebrate her entrance (hopefully) into school. We'll have to wait until the photos come back from Mexico to see what Bernie sent, but here's a list from Barbara + a photo of the darling school outfit she bought for Paola:

Besides items pictured, Barbara's package also contains:

Barbara's 'Starting school package for Paola" mailed 20th April.

1 small Canada back pack
1 Olympic mascot (Muk-muk) zip-puller
1 Muk-muk stuffed toy
ABC Trace and Learn exercise book
1 White short sleeved blouse
1 Coral/white tartan pleated skirt
1 pair white socks with pink frill
1 pair striped panties
1 pair reversible pink/purple sparkly shorts
1 white peasant blouse with lime green embroidery
2 Dora pony-tail holders
1 Disney mug/toothbrush/paste set
1 Green exercise book
1 page of ABC stickers
1 box of coloured pencils
Dora pencil case with pull zips
3 pencils
1 small paint brush-erasor-scissors,ruler,chalk and green ball point pen
1 bloc of craft paper and craft scissors
1 plastic coat and one pants coat hangers
1 small doll's dress
1 hoop and ball

plus 3 candies and 6 photos.

Mack created 10 coloring sheets that explain (in Spanish) how to prepare for a day at school w/hygeine tips, etc. She bound these into two coloring books - one for Paola and one for Tomasa:

Mack also mailed some Spanish workbooks for beginning learners, along with crayons and a few school supplies. Also, plenty of fun toys to counteract the boredom of education. The stuffed kangaroo is a reminder of one of the animal species Mack and Paola watched together at the Guadalajara Zoo:

Paola's 5th Birthday Package

Our little Paola turned 5 recently, so Barbara, Heather, and I made up a package to help her celebrate. Isn't her hairstyle adorable?

The contents were as follows:

A colouring book
hopping bunny
monkey pen
3 pairs of socks
hand sanitizer
sewing kit
cuddly toy
tic tac toe
Stickers and notebook
letter, birthday card and photos
a Disney Princess doll from Barbara to match her blue Halloween Princess dress.

Additional Comments:

Paola and Tomasa were very happy when they saw all the gifts and they specially enjoyed the candies!!

Dear Donors
Paola and her two siblings are very happy with the gifts, they were very happy when they saw the gifts that you sent. Rosa was very happy when looking at the pictures that you sent, the girls liked knowing your dogs. They liked the candies a lot. Paola liked the doll a lot and they thank you a lot for being such a generous person to them. They would like you to visit them again, they say hi and send many kisses. Written by the CI Field Officer.

Easter Package Update

Hi, all!

The "Edit" button is not working today, so I have to make a separate post to update the one below this:

"Further to the previous posting regarding the Easter package from Bernie and Barbara the thank you letter has since been received. Barbara was a little disappointed that the two sisters did not seem too happy with all the many Easter gifts but, fortunately, the CI staff added the Additional Comments which read. Paola and her sisters immediately showed a happy look when they saw the gifts from the sponsors. They are very thankful for everything they do for them.

The contents were as follows:-

A stuffed pink lamb
A Sesame Street Rain/Shine colouring/sticker book
Blue top with pink/silver butterfly logo
2 piece dark pink shorts/with pink/white top.
Green ribbed tank
Green/brown checked blouse and matching pony tail holder
X-Games white and pink striped T shirt
Yellow jersey dress
Blue/navy and orange cap
For Maria
a pink/fuschia and white top
Plus two Easter tote baskets and Easter accessories
Lavender plastic Easter box, erasor and 8 crayons, 2 pairs panties, Bunny temperature reader, 2 ABC egg containing wrapped chocolates, wind up chick, bendy pick rabbit, orange kaleidescope, stuffed furry duck with green head, kissing Micky and Minnie pens, small brown stuffed bunny, egg kaleidescope. Plus Easter card and several photos.
Yellow exercise book and ABC and Easter stickers.

I was pleased to see from the accompanying letter that our diplomatic hygiene advice iis also being followed!!

Dear Sponsors (Barbara and Bernie)

Paola wants you to know that she loves you a lot and that she thanks you along with her family for everything that you do for her. She thanks you for the gifts that you sent for her, shje liked them a lot, the dress, blouses, baskets, toys, crayons and candies because she likes them a lot as well as Mary and Tomasa. She will remember to brush her teeth after eating them. She liked the Minnie and Mickey Mouse pens. Rosa Mendez says Hi and thanks you for the attentions that you have towards her family. Rosa, Paola and Tomasa hope that God keeps on blessing you. Signed by the CI Field Officer.