Combination Direct and Halloween Package

Barbara and I joined forces to sent Paola a combination Direct Halloween package. Inside the package was the following:

1 collapsible laundry basket
1 Dark Pink Towel
1 4-hole china tooth brush holder
1 Dora cup and two toothbrushes
1 Mandarin scented soap
1 blond wig for Halloween or dress up
1 pair princess high heeled plastic shoes to go with her princess dress
1 Halloween Count Dracula Bear
1 long sleeved Happy Halloween top with orange sequined pumpkin
1 pair briefs
1 pair white socks with purple trim
1 hankie
1 headband from DR
1 Little Mermaid counting play puzzle
1 Book "Las Tres Erres"

The letter from Paola read as follows:

Dear Barbara and Bernie,

Paola Mendez Atanda is very happy for the things that you sent, the toy heels, the teddy bear, the blouse, the puzzle, the clothes, atcetera.

Paola sends lots of greetings and she thanks you for all the gifts. Paola wants you to know that she is already attending school and she likes a lot all the songs that they teach her. She is already making lots of new friends. The day that she entered school she was very brave because she did not cry when her mother left her there. The Mendez Arandes family sends lots of greetings and they hope you are doing well.

Noemi Enriques (field officer)
Bernie and Barbara.
P.S. My thanks to Barbara for putting this package together. She really has an eye for what the children like and for that I am truly grateful! Bernie

Letter From Paola

Hello Everyone,

Here is a letter sent to Barbara from Paola.

It looks like she is doing well.