Still More Christmas DP Photos - 2011

More Christmas DP Photos - 2011

Paola's Christmas DP 2011

Jennifer made some nice stockings for Paola and her sisters, and filled them with cool gifts. A lot of it was Hello Kitty stuff + I added a stuffed dog that sings "Feliz Navidad" to the package. Good choices, because we now know that Paola's favorite animals are cats and dogs.

Paola Answers Questions About Herself

On January 30th, we received what appears to be a standard annual letter from Paola (not a response to a DP or SNG). This one came in the form of a questionnaire.

Q: She likes it when we go ...

A: To play ball, to play with cooking toys and with dolls.

Q: What she likes to do most at home is ...

A: Play and also she likes to watch TV and she likes to run errands and help with chores at home.

Q: What she likes to do most at the park is ...

A: She likes to play ball with her siblings and cousins, and she also likes to play on the swings and the slide and she likes to run and play hide-and-seek.

Q: Her favorite color is ...

A: Pink

Q: Her favorite animal is ...

A: Dogs and Cats

Because Paola cannot write yet, this questionnaire was filled out by Paola's neighbor lady.