Latest Letters from Ana Paola - 2014

Here are the two latest letters that have been received from our little Ana Paola. My mother scanned the letters together into one PDF doc, which it seems I am unable to upload to Blogger, so I will have to scan them again later.

The first letter is a reply to sponsor David Motz. It says:

Dear Padrino David Motz,
I have done very well in school, I am in the 1st grade and I am learning how to read. I have a friend. On Children's Day we had a party and I was given a candy bag, mole and Jamaica water. I had a lot of fun. Thank you for the letter that you sent to me.

The second letter is a response from a DP that I sent earlier this year (see photos in next post):

Dear Mckenzie Fritch,
Thank you so much for the presents, I love the lemur, it is just like the one we saw at the zoo, I also loved my blouses, they are very nice, and I like the colors. I hope you can come again soon.


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