Getting Paola educated!

Here is the latest news about the possibility of getting Paola and Tomasa enrolled in school. It appears that Rosa has not been able to afford this in the past, mostly because she does not have the required birth certificates for them. These are necessary before they can be enrolled in school.

Both Alice and Barbara inquired about getting the children into school as soon as possible. The reply was that, first of all, Rosa has to obtain her own birth certificate in order to apply for those for Tomasa and Paola. According to the CI Representative, in Mexico one doesn't send off to State capital like you do in the States but has to go (in person usually) to the town/city where one was born.

Since Rosa and her family have lived in the same house for 10 years it is to be hoped that the girls' certificates are in Jalisco but it is not yet known where Rosa was born. This could cause a costly problem. The CI local staff are investigating this and hopefully we will hear back in a week or so. Hopefully, if Rosa knows that there will be some available funds to help her, she will be more receptive to the work involved. There was a small amount left from the larger sum donated by the incredibly generous anonymous sponsors which can be used to help alleviate this matter. If it is not sufficient then we may have to do another small fundraiser.

In the meantime, in reply to Sissy's query as to whether we will be doing another fund-raiser to help this family with their special needs, the answer is "yes" if you will be able to contribute.

Barbara's idea is to have either a larger fundraiser to buy a wardrobe to store their clothes instead of having to have them in boxes on the floor. - cost approximately $100.00 or also to add another $175.00 in order to pay for the drain connection which will help keep their clothes clean. Perhaps, if those members of our small group who were unable to contribute towards the stove, table, gas container project that we raised earlier, could donate towards the wardrobe/chest of drawers the rest of us could start fundraising for the drain/connection? It would be wonderful if both of these could be raised before Christmas so that the floor and drain connection could be done together. Also, the storage unit will be even more necessary once they receive their Christmas gifts from those of us who will be sending Direct Packages.

If both of these could be funded this year it will only leave the larger amount of $439.00 to pay for the bathroom. This would take place sometime next year after the other projects have been funded. Please let us have your feedback and ideas so that we know what you want to do as well.

Paola's Package that will be delivered by Steve

For those who have been waiting to see what would be sent with Steve to give to Paola on his visit next week... This is what I have put into a flat rate box that is being shipped to him tomorrow:

*1 Biligual English/Spanish Children's Laptop

*1 Bag of Lollipops, per Barbara's request- to be handed out at Halloween

*1 Bag of Jax

*1 Chalkboard with chalk & eraser

*1 Water-color Paint Set

*2 Velvet Disney Princess Pictures with Markers for Paola & Tomasa

*1 Tinkerbell Mini-lunch Pail

*4 Old Navy Shirts to be shared between Paola & Tomasa

*1 Cuddly White Lamb (yeah, I know, it will be brown in less than a day)

*1 Magnetic Play Circus Scene

Sorry, Barbara, I did not get a chance to throw in a costume for the baby (Long, depressing story that I don't want to get in to)

So, there ya go. It is headed to Steve. I am sure we will have some great pics & videos to add to this blog shortly!!! Thank you, Steve!!!

More photos from Barb ...

Photos from Barbara!

Here are the photos that Barbara received from CI after sending a package for Paola and her sisters ...