SNG Memo Arrives From Mexico

To summarize the memo above, the total amount of the suggested home repairs is $766.39.
This would include:
Purchasing a refrigerator and accessories for safe food storage
Installing a real window where the hole is now
Replacing the home's doors with screened ones that fit better

The main purpose of these home improvements are an attempt to control the fly problem that plagues Paola's household. However, as the memo points out, much of the responsibility for this falls upon the family changes their living habits. I think the fly infestation probably bothers us more than it bothers them! 

It's great news that the roof is already being repaired without our assistance! 

The plan for raising this money is primarily to use Aura's House. Paola has a slot waiting for her, and she's been grandfathered in so that we won't have to pay CI the 10% service fee.

If Aura's House is willing to allow us a total of $1000, I'd also like to look into buying a metallic cabinet to store dishes and kitchen items in a more hygienic manner. This is something that the family requested last year, and the quote given was $187. It could be cheaper, though, because the refrigerator quote has gone down significantly since we first asked about the price.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about fundraising, feel free to contact me and/or the other team members.

Welcoming Newest Group Member, Andy!

Hello, everyone!  

My name is Andy Crank, and I am an associate professor of American literature and culture at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Yes, I do have a Ph.D., but I won't make anyone call me professor or doctor (mainly because Dr. Andy sounds too much like a pediatrician, and Dr. Crank sounds too much like a call-in radio love-show host).

But, if you want to call me Spider-Andy, that's fine with me! 


I live with my partner of 10 years and our dog of four years, Madison.  

We have both wanted a child in our lives, but until science can grow one of us a womb, we will dispense our paternal love through Children International.

Sharing Paola will be my first sponsorship, but I fully intend to sponsor another child individually -- but first, I must cancel my video game subscription to Gamefly (it seems like a fair trade off).  I can only sponsor one child at a time, so my inner one must wait.

My hobbies are playing tennis, cartoons, video games, and Mack has just introduced me to the exciting international sport of geocaching. I also enjoy writing academic research prose to counteract all the time I waste watching Family Guy and Phineas & Ferb. My first full book (not a compilation) is currently in the process of publication, and I have two others in the works.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Paola's sponsorship group!