Paola's Educational SNG From Mani


Mani sent $100 so Paola could buy supplies for this school year. She received some awesome, new stuff, but ... we were told that Paola was enrolled in school, and it turns out that she is not.

Here is the explanation from the staff in Mexico:

"Regarding Paola's education, it's worth mentioning that she still attends tutorships at the Children International community center every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The tutorships are just for her to learn how to read and write. She still doesn't have her birth certificate to attend a regular school. This is due to the lack of interest from Paola's family, they have been advised on the procedures they have to follow in order to get the birth certificate. Only the family can follow them but Mrs. Rosa doesn't show interest about this matter."

On the other hand, Paola's teacher says that Paola's learning process is "slow, but she's willing to learn".

This is troubling news, but at least Paola has made remarkable progress in her writing ability for a kid who only goes to school for two hours each week.

Any ideas about how we can convince Rosa to get Paola's birth certificate in order? Bribery, perhaps? Maybe I need to fly down there and use my visit to take the family to the courthouse or wherever!

From the field staff:

"Paola was very excited choosing the school supplies, especially the backpack and the colors."

"This donation helps her have the opportunity to study with the help of the new school supplies that he will need to continue taking tutorships."

Paola's thank-you letter was mailed to Mani, so I hope he will share the contents of it when it arrives.


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