Meet New Sponsor, Shannon (Saddare)!

 Hola! Me llamo Shannon! Most of you already know my Sponsorship story from LiftOne, so I'll only do a quick summary here: I've been a Sponsor since I was 14, and I currently sponsor twelve girls individually and, including Paola, two girls in group Sponsorships. I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to join little Paola's group!

I live in the USA in Maryland with my boyfriend Julio and my twelve-year-old Carin Terrier, Ali`i (Hawai`ian word meaning “king” or “chief”). I work for Southwest Airlines, supervising the guys who load and unload your luggage (Bags Fly Free!). I have no children of my own and have no plans to have any—a dog is handful enough for me!

When I'm not busy putting together D.P.s  or writing letters for my girls, I enjoy crocheting blankets for Project Linus. I'm also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (more easily referred to as the SCA), a medieval re-creation group. In medieval life I am a 16th century Irish noblewoman who can't pronounce her own name (don't judge! How would YOU say 'Sannon inghaen Bhriain ui Dhuilleain'?!) but nonetheless dabbles in dance, music, archery and leather work. Julio has begun his medieval journey as well—he's a nobleman from Spain—and he has vowed to make me Queen of Atlantia someday!

            So, that's me in a nutshell!

            … if I'm in a nutshell, does that mean I'm a nut?

            Me despido con abrazos grandes!


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